So, what’s Delhi all about?


I reached Delhi on the fourth of September. It was like any other day, however, it was something special for me to arrive at Delhi. This was the first time I was ever in the city. The city bore many attractions for me. Even slightest of hint of greenery was enough for me to feel special. Kathmandu has lost much of its charm with the felling of trees and forests to make way for tall buildings for humans to inhabit.

What I found as the most amazing thing in Delhi was the fact that it is so full of life. Buses, cars, taxis, “autos”, rickshaws and metro run 24/7 all the time. It works with a clockwork precision. Although I couldn’t visit the major landmarks of the city like Qutb Minar or Gate of India, the visit was still fruitful and enjoyable. What I found was that for one to enjoy, one need not visit the landmarks that other people visit. It all depends on one’s curiosity and energy to see the sights and feel the sounds of Delhi as is.

I cannot help but mention the man I met at Sewa Sadan (the place where we- my Aama, Aju dai and myself- stayed). The man was a person full of merry and he managed to entertain us despite his busy schedule of managing the place and the visitors. I could not get his name but I have his number with me. He gave me the number so that whenever I got lost in this vast city, I might be able to call him for help.

What intrigued me the most upon landing in the capital was the expanse and grandeur of Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA). My friend Bandana rightly pointed out in her blog post that people from Nepal would no doubt cringe when it comes to comparing our domestic airport with IGIA. With duty free shops selling you a variety of products from different varietals of wines to watches, chocolates to food stuffs, IGIA is definitely a haven or heaven for travelers. Not to mention the smoking areas there where I had this great opportunity of respite to go and take a few puffs from Marlboro lights which a traveler was happy to share.

Kutub Minar
Kutub Minar

What also intrigued me was the heat there. We are used to living in temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius. Delhi had to offer a temperature of 30-35 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, it was fun to be in Delhi surviving in such a humid and dry weather. That’s the beauty of the place.

I ran into so many troubles in the city. Not to forget the small brawl I had with the hotel people who would not let me go without paying the rent. Not only this, I also had to face, an encounter with a Policeman at a PCO near the hotel. It was just horrible. However, the case was settled when my mother and brother came from Kathmandu and settled all the dues.

So far my trip to Delhi was full of ups and downs just like any other traveler’s would be. I would love to visit the place once again in the near future.

Thanks Delhi, thanks IGIA !!!



Get well soon , please!!!


Everything happens for a reason. There is a Buddhist principle which says that there is a cause and effect relationship between all happenings or events that take place in our lives. We are all here because we are destined to be here.

It is in this course that we meet or come across different people. I am fortunate that I met Utsav who is currently hospitalized for a suspected case of meningitis. I would never in my sanest mind want Utsav to acquire that deadly disease. He was a bit delirious and hallucinating when I went to pay Utsav a visit at the hospital. I do not know as to how he got sick, but he was already showing some signs of frail health such as a bad headache and fatigue.

I have a huge crush on Utsav not only for the fact that he is good-looking (he’s one of the most handsome guys I’ve ever seen), but also because he is so true to his self. It is very hard to find a person in this day and age who is as honest, unassuming and gentle as this guy. I admire Utsav for his naivety. I wish I coul date him some day and I know that that day is coming very soon.

I know that Utsav admires me too. I cannot just ignore him stealing a look at me every time I used to go down to the office parking lot to enjoy my smoke. (By the way I smoke and I smoke a lot like a chimney!) Anyway, that’s not my point here.

Well, meeting Utsav at Jana Maitri Hospital in Balaju was THE highlight of my day today. I gave him flowers as a “Get Well Soon” gift and I simply loved to see the smile it brought in his face to be receiving flowers from a “Super Hot” chick like me (that’s what Utsav thinks of me, lol, and I’m proud of the fact :) ).

Today I did so many things. I went all the way to Dhapakhel in the Lalitpur district to drop my résume and application at a school named GEMS. The school is currently looking for a Psychological Counselor.

As I write this post for my blog, I am also thinking of what Utsav must be thinking of my short, sweet and surprise visit to him. He must have felt very happy to see me with flowers, which was evident in his facial expression. I wish I can always make Utsav this happy for the rest of my life. I have placed those flowers in a vase I brought from work (it is my own vase) and placed it right to his left.

I really wish Utsav gets better soon so that we can enjoy our lunches together. Too bad that I resigned from work yesterday. Nevertheless, I will always make time to appear for lunch withUtsav from time to time. I’m even thinking of preparing food, a good square meal, for him until Utsav can take food outside or eat out.

We miss you! It is an earnest thinking of a passionate admirer.

Get well soon, please Utsav!



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